Buying at Auction
We take pride in selling fine antiques, collectables and vintage memorabilia and a wide range of other quality items in our auction sales.  We are sure that there will always be something that catches the eye of any prospective buyer.  Please read the following guide to learn about the auction buying process so that you will be able to bid with confidence!

Registering as a Bidder
To bid in our sales you need to register.  Registration is straighforward - we just need a few details from you and a registration fee of £1.  This provides you with your individual bidder number for you to use for a full year.  Ask at the office for a registration form.

If your bid on any item is the winning bid (and the bidding has exceeded any reserve price placed on the item) then the sale is complete on the fall of the auctioneer's hammer.  At that point the winning bidder becomes liable for payment plus commission.  We currently charge 15% commission on all sales.  We do not charge VAT.

At the end of the auction sale, or before you leave the saleroom (if this is earlier) you need to pay for all the items you were successful in winning.  Buyers present their bidder cards at the office payment window and are given an invoice which details the items, sale prices and commission.  Payment should be made in cash (we currently do not have debit/credit card facilities) or by cheque supported by a valid cheque guarantee card.

Collecting Your Purchases
Buyers are not permitted to collect their own items from the saleroom.  Once you've paid for your items, a member of staff will bring your items to you.  This safeguards against mistakes and items going missing.  If you prefer to return to collect your items after the sale, we ask that this is done within 2 business days.

For a small additional fee, we can also deliver your items to you - particularly relevent in the case of bulky furniture, etc.  Please ask at the office about fees (dependent on destination) and delivery times.


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